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Hard to believe its been two years since I wrote on this. Many things have occurred and I feel like I can’t hold on. I’m trying so hard. There’s a darkness in me that I can’t always contain. I’ve taken too much granted. It always feels like my actions are too little, too late.



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What aré your dreams? Aré the things that you want or need? Or aré they realities that you aré forced to replay?

Every now and then

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I cant define this feeling, only that Its consumption of is Almost complete

No more

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And I will hold til the sky is no more’ the ground has no floor’ and the world, it all but ends….

My world

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You can let it all fall down, its all about the clean up

Mr. Self-destruct

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Have you ever felt like you were Gonna explode, at any minute. That one more thing will cause you to ignite. I feel like that everyday, some more than others. Like everything stressful is a bomb fragment sticking to me.

Imsomniac cHat

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Is sleeping getting harder for you as time passes by? Do you feel like your wasting life by not being awake? Is there a reoccurring nightmare or dream that plagues you. I find myself fighting sleep to the point of insomnia. The more I stay awake, the more I discover, like good music. If I would of been asleep I would of never found it, or maybe not at that time. What purpose does time serve if it doesn’t coincide with fate? Asking myself this questions aren’t helping my cause, I need answers. Someone please read this and shed some light on these dark spots.